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Monday, 21 July 2014

Sunny Afternoon

Necklaces: Waiste Vintage
Jacket: Warehouse*
Skirt and Top: We are Cow*
Boots: Vintage

Feeling a bit slack with blogging/getting dressed properly/being proactive recently. I blame the heat, it's completely clouded my outfit making decisions and I keep wearing the same things. Luckily this outfit was pre heatwave, when my head was clearer and I discovered how good this jacket and skirt looked together.
Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Wild Meadows: a TLV Birdie and Waiste collaboration

Dress: Waiste Vintage
Kimono: Love Leigh*
Bag: Waiste Vintage
Necklaces: Dixi and Waiste Vintage
Mixed media collage: Olya from TLV Birdie
Photography: Frances Baker

I recently collaborated with the lovely Olya from the blog TLV Birdie and she created these amazing mixed media collage using one of my outfit images. I thought these photos taken in Cyprus wearing my Love Leigh kimono, would be the perfect match for her beautiful bohemian mixed media art using embroidery threads and beads, and I wanted to incorporate them into one of my outfit posts, which I thought works really well.  In Olyas words:

'The visual language of TLV Birdie Blog reflects my views on fashion and readymade art. I am bringing traditional crafts and digital media together in a contemporary different way. My inspiration sources are bohemian fashion, organic lifestyle, patterns of cultural heritage and the beauty of nature. My tools are photography, embroidery techniques and crafty finds from all over the place, from beads to feathers. '

It's such an unusual and beautiful technique and I love how mine turned out, it adds so much to the image, combining digital media and craft techniques. One of the things I loved most when I was younger was drawing and making collages out of materials and being artistic and creative in this kind of way is something I miss so much. Nowadays with photoshop and all kinds of digital software this seems to fast becoming a lost art, so I admire Olya for combining the two to make something really unique. She's definitely inspired me to find the time to be more creative again in this way.

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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Hidden Treasure in Unexpected Places

Crochet Dress and Necklaces:Vintage
Cuffs: Shop Dixi (coming soon to Waiste Vintage)
Sandals: River Island via ASOS (sold out now)

Photos: Frances Baker

I don't think I'll ever part with this dress. I'm hopelessly addicted to the thrill of discovering treasure in all sorts of unexpected places, and this was one of those finds. Good crochet pieces are getting harder and harder to discover, and it always has to be vintage for me. Although the best place to debut this dream dress probably wasn't in 30 degree heat on a beach, it is wool after all.